Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Visual Chaos ... #37

Driving around Point Jerningham as you enter the CBD via Oriental Parade .. we find an eclectic collection or warning and information signs. Some would say that our cities have too many signs to protect us from ourselves. here we have "turning only for buses"; "Give Way" (well if the bus was turning I certainly would !!): "pedestrian crossing" .. as if you can't see pedestrians ! ; sign showing merging roads which is pretty obvious really without the sign; "Parking Coupon Zone"; "Cyclists Lane" .... and if all this gets a bit much the bus stop has an advert for coffee ... so you can think about where your going to go and get back to normal with a nice calming cappuccino.

1 comment:

don said...

hahahaah we have also in rotterdam some street where more sign than traffic