Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Mt Kau Kau & Cabbage Trees ... #58

An early morning alternative perspective of the ubiquitous cabbage trees against a pale sky, Mt Kau Kau and its communications tower.

For those that missed the earlier daily photo ... The summit is 445 metres above sea level and is the most visible high point in the Wellington landscape further accentuated by Wellington's main television transmitter tower the BCL TV transmitter mast. Mt Kaukau offers stunning 360 degree panoramic views of the Wellington harbour basin and Cook Strait beyond ... Kapiti Island, the South Island, Cook Strait, the Rimutaka Range and the Hutt Valley.

As a point of reference ... if you turn around 180 degrees in yesterdays photo of the harbour you look towards Mt Kau Kau


nowhereman said...

love the clear sky....nice picture there!

Keith said...

how long will I have to wait till you post a 360 degree panorama photo from the top :)
you would have to be half way up the tower to get our old Johnsonville house in the shot

jbworks said...

Well Keith .. its probably not likely till the summer months return !!! .. I have some shots from last summer looking towards the city .. will check them out again c... ciao