Thursday, June 26, 2008

#391 ... Whole Hole Diggers

Molesworth Street. Wellington under investigation. What "on the surface" appears to be a rather simple, mundane task is frought with all sorts of complexities and bureacracy.

We must keep in context here ... this hole is purely an investigation hole to verify what pipework, cables etc is here so they know exactly where to dig when they come to dig the proper hole later!

As is now usual all manner of approvals are required before you commence the dig ... OKAYs from the City Council, the roading authorities, the OSH (safety) compliance .. there are strict time zones in which the work can be done and all must be back in place before peak hour traffic. You will note on the right hand side of this photo some purple paint .. all the various utilities are maked with different colours depending on who owns them and what they carry ... water, gas, power, telecommunications etc.

This crew were happy in their work digging investigation holes up and down the street. One could be forgiven for thinking that they were slowing moving a hole along the street .... YEAH RIGHT

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