Monday, September 6, 2010

#1194 ... Southerly Front

One of the southerly fronts that blew through the city over the weekend. IMAGE COURTESY OF JOSH FORDE, taken from the suburb of Mt Victoria.

It has been wet and windy with winds up to 120 km/hr. Christchurch has also been battered with wind and rain following the major earthquake... so there continues to be lots of emergency help in action in the Garden City. It still seems absolutely incredible that there was no loss of life, given that the magnitude was the same as Haiti's quake.


Hilda said...

That is an awesome — and very scary — cloud! I read about the earthquake yesterday. The damage looks pretty bad, but I'm also thankful no one got hurt. Incredible, indeed.

Caroline said...

What an amazing cloud. Wonder what it means? More rain?

cara said...

wow! great shot!