Sunday, January 16, 2011

#1326 ... Go Thunderbird Go

"espressorepublic" is dead ... long live the "thunderbird"
The demise of Espresso Republic has left a hole in the Featherston Street strip of cafes and pubs. So it his been great to watch "thunderbird" ( a rumour) arise from the ashes. Here is Dan Brown of Allpress installing the the great Marzocco machine that will keep us well supplied with our jolts during the day. Most of us never see the mish-mash of boilers, valves, switches and wires that live under the hood of an espresso machine ... we just enjoy the result of the barristas's craft.

Well done Nicki and the rest of the hard working crew who have scraped, painted and installed to get it all ready. Looking forward to ETA Friday 21 this coming week!!

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