Tuesday, January 7, 2014

#2142 ... "Carving up the Land"

The Sculpture Walk ... at the Auckland Botannic Gardens ... I was brought up on a sheep and beef farm, 1.5km from here ... this piece by Michael Klaja and Gordon Smith, "Carving up the Land" is so powerful it's scary. This massive but absolutely realistic knife sticks into the earth as if it has just been thrust there. The main message is in the title, that we humans have attacked our land with violence and strength, greedily carving it up and devouring it. The subliminal messages, about physical violence, status and power, come from the knife. The metaphor of my castration adds to the powerful symbolism of this work. This beautiful brute will sell, to a bloke I bet, and it's a mere $29,000.
PHOTO by my son, Joshua. WDP on Tour