Thursday, August 16, 2007

Khandallah Tractors ... #84

OK my farming background tells me that these are not really tractors. This term for the large four wheel drive vehicles in the city environment was probably first used for the 4x4s that frequent the higher socio-economic area of Remuera in Auckland ... where generally there is not a lot of "mud" ... apart from the political sort.!! Hence the term Remuera tractors. The term has become more generic to refer to country or potentially off-road vehicles in an urban environment.

Khandallah is a higher soci-economic area in Wellington and the Khandallah Village has about 20 shops ... hairdresser, butcher, cafe, post office, real estate, fashion, doctor etc ... and one would have to bring one's own bag of designer dirt and a bucket of water to make any sort of mud !!! ... so to see five of these small, delightfully fuel efficient city cars lined up ready for the after school pick up service was an image waiting for a blog .


susanna said...

Here in Melbourne these are known as Toorak tractors. Silly things really!

Sally said...

I was going to say about Toorak Tractors.

I don;t know that there is a Sydney equivalent....never heard "Bellevue Hill Tractors" - maybe because they are often associated with wannabe aspirationals rather than the upper class in Sydney??

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