Monday, May 5, 2008

Flat Out ... #341

Not the usual "flat out" for a Jaguar ... but last night as I was taking my daughter Anna back to her flat in Newtown, all the air in the left hand rear tyre went to the top ... BUGGER !! ... so we stopped outside the Museum Hotel ... Te Papa is in the dark behind the car ... and we changed the tyre ... no major drama .. just a 10 minute interlude on a clear cool night .... Oh well that's life.


Tanya said...

At least it was just a tire and an easy fix!
The other night my husband was driving on the interstate when a tire came rolling onto his side, from the opposite side. A few people, including him, had close calls trying to avoid it but thankfully nobody was hurt!

Coxey said...

Is that an XJR you have there Mr Blandford? Nice motor!

Cimba7200 said...

Very calmly handled. - Dave