Tuesday, July 8, 2008

#403... A Nose Job

Last night was just one of those nights ... made some modifications to the nose of the Kat on the way home from dropping my daughter Anna off at her flat in Newtown.

The Kat's a tad sad .. but me is OK ... thanks to the automotive brilliance of airbags ... and no one was physically damaged. Scene of the crime opposite the white truck between the Aurora Tce and Bolt Street overbridges.

So the Kat will have to have facelift surgery and be in recuperation for a few weeks.

... and that is why today's posting is a little late ... I had to arrange automotive surgeons etc etc. ... ciao, jeremy XXX


Julie said...

Such beauty to have even a blemish - a dent - a ding! She does look like she could do with a beauty session and some TLC. A session with the surgeons. A nice run in the country. A trial around some hairpins. She will pull up right as rain.

Jeremy said...

thanks for the support on a ho-hum day ... ciao ..jeremy

Louis la Vache said...

Too bad about the Kat, but better her than you. "Louis" shudders to think how expensive this bit of (ahem) cosmetic surgery will be...

On a happier note, "Louis" et Mme. la Vache celebrate their premier anniversaire today.