Sunday, July 27, 2008

#422 ... The Station Master

Inside the Wellington Railway Station on a cold quiet weekend ... striding towards me, bag in hand, centre stage ... is Tim Hoff .. .another of the amazing German students we have had the pleasure of knowing. Timm is back home in Kiel now .. having some summer.


magiceye said...

are the railway stations generally so empty? in mumbai the railwat stations have this look only around 2a.m!


magiceye's comment reflects my opinion after living in europe so long - the wellington railway station has changed a lot since the days i remember it: it's been given a good facelift!

Jeremy said...

peak hours morning and night it is very busy as the commuters (including me) come to and go from work ... but nothing like Mumbai .. and yes MediterraneanKiwi .. it has been given a major facelift ... Victoria University has a campus in most of the building and I took the photo standing in front of the NewWorld Metro supermarket. may be some photos later ..ciao Jeremy