Tuesday, August 12, 2008

#438 ... Dreamer

I took my new black cat "Jaguar" into the workshop to get new software loaded for the trip computer ... and no it is not the car in the photo (bugger) While waiting I walked across to the new car sales to have a look ... when I was approached by Nigell, one of the sales guys. "Would you like to take the new Jaguar XF for a test drive, Sir"

Well why not .. and not only was it the new XF but the top of the range 4.2 litre V8 Supercharged (306kw) .. absolutely superb. Awesome power to go and to stop !!! You can park it in my garage any time you like.

After a "test" drive ... Nigell obliged and took this photo of me and the car ... I'll probably never have ... but maybe . Anyway it was a delightful start to the week ... Thank you Nigell from Williams & Adams Premier

PS: rarely to I post personal photos .. so apologies for showing off this piece of automotive machinery ... and a "smile in the mind"


Matthieu said...

Nice black cat.
Greetings from Cherbourg, France

Jeremy said...

thanks matthieu .. however the cars is actually very dark blue ... but to make you smile the new number plate for my black Jaguar will be "KATNWA" ... you will understand ... somewhat like film noir !!!

Tim said...

Hey, so you did take the black one? Good on you, I like it better than the green ;)

bitingmidge said...

Nice car, shame about the bloke leaning on it though!
OK I admit it, I'm just a tad jealous!

Sunshine Coast Daily - Australia

Jeremy said...

Tim .. neat to get the comment .. hope all is well with you & The tattoo!!

Bitingmidge ... love your humour .. and YES I have some concerns about the bloke leaning on the car !!! ciao Jeremy