Saturday, November 8, 2008

#526 ... Election Clouds

Dark clouds or fresh blue sky looming over the Beehive ... is this a hopeful or ominous sign for election day in New Zealand ????

Just under three million people are enrolled to vote today and, with 210,000 advance votes cast by yesterday afternoon - a third more than in 2005 - we could be heading for a record turnout. Polls open at 9am and election officials hope results will be known by 11.30pm.

Polling places are expected to be busiest between 9am and 11am, as voters look to have their say early. By 4pm yesterday, 2,979,366 people had enrolled to vote, almost 95 per cent of those eligible. "There are more ... people still enrolling," Electoral Enrolment Centre national manager Murray Wicks said. "We broke all records last time ... and we are looking close to that."

In 2005, 2,286,190 people voted. Counting of the first advance votes will start at 3pm and those results should be known by 8.30pm - but it could be a late night for people wanting the final result.


Pat said...

I wish you well in your elections.


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great shot - i almost feel i am there