Monday, November 17, 2008

#535 ... Panorama

An iPhone Panorama ... on a visit to Highbury (south western side of the city) this week ... all I had to take a photo was my iPhone ... so I tried the "panorama" application and took three photos ... you can see the joins if you look closely e.g. the roof og the house in the foreground. The southern side of the city, Oriental Bay, Mt Victoria, Soames Island and the Hutt Valley beneath the clouds ... can all be seen. Foreground right is the ubiquitous cabbage tree in flower.


Giovanni said...

Halfway up Farnham street there's a spot where you can see the Harbour and Island bay, it's one of my favourite vistas in the city.

Lovely blog, btw.

Skymino said...

Great sight. Really one of my favourite cities in the world!

Jeremy said...

thanks .. will check out Farnham Street