Thursday, January 1, 2009

#579 ... Kapiti Magic

... Apologies ... I didn't join the theme day for the first day of 2009, as being away on holiday and on the end of a slow dial up ... the thought of S L O W L Y surfing, browsing and selecting the image of last year, was a tad unwelcome ... HOWEVER this shot of last evening on the Kapiti Coast is a great way to farewell 2008 ... and welcome in 2009


brattcat said...

Fantastic shot!

Mediterranean kiwi said...

it certainly is a great shot - happy new year!

Curly said...

Great shot!

I hope you don't mind me taking the easy route by copying and pasting this comment, it is by far the easiest method of getting my message to so many CDP photobloggers.
I am not sure that I can sustain South Shields Daily Photo much longer, it is so difficult to keep finding new material on a daily basis,
and after more than two years inspiration and motivation are becoming harder to find, so I may become less daily from time to time.
I hope you can find new hope and inspiration, and that a new start in 2009 brings everything that you desire.
The CDP photoblogging community has grown massively over the past year and I'd like to thank those who have visited South Shields Daily Photo, especially those who have been kind enough to leave a comment or two.
Best wishes for 2008




South Shields Daily Photo

JM said...

This is stunning!


babooshka said...

Absolutely gorgeous.

Happy New Year.

bitingmidge said...

A great shot to introduce the new year, have a great 2009!

Sunshine Coast Daily - Australia

Lynette said...

Portland Oregon Daily Photo sends you heartfelt wishes for the new year. May your 2009 be filled with good health, riches of the mind and heart, loved ones returning home, an increased respect for our fragile planet, and the cessation of wars across the Earth.

Splendid photo!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I sure do miss Paraparumu! I lived there for a couple of years and miss it alot. Great photos. I felt like I was there for just a few moments!

Marc said...

Superb picture! And very nice blog with interesting info to go with the pictures.

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