Wednesday, April 8, 2009

#673 ... Outdoor Classroom

Outdoor lessons .. Seatoun Primary school kids had the afternoon on the beach at the entrance to Wellington Harbour. Watching all this was interesting .. as soon as the kids hit the open space of the beach they ran in all directions ... only to be called back to attention by the teacher's whistle. The two boys in the front of the picture were trying to work out how they could comply with the whistle message to return to the teacher .. and also bring along the large piece of driftwood they had found. They did both ... and 'kid'handled the hunk of wood back to the class meeting point.

You will note that all the kids have their sunhats on ... in both Australia and New Zealand we have "sun smart" programmes becuase of the greater risks of skin cancer ... so – slip, slop, slap, wrap
We love our sport and being outdoors and because skin cancer is caused by exposure to harmful ultraviolet radiation we can be at risk while we’re outside enjoying ourselves. The really good news is skin cancer is preventable. So one of the most important things you can do is to practice SunSmart behaviours while playing sport or enjoying the outdoors.
How can you be SunSmart?
Slip into a shirt – and slip into some shade, especially between 11am and 4pm when the ultraviolet rays are most fierce.
Slop on some sunscreen before going outdoors.
Put sunscreen on any skin not covered by clothes.
Choose a sunscreen that meets the Australian and New Zealand Standard
Use an SPF30+ broad-spectrum sunscreen. Wipe it on thickly at lea 15 minutes
before going outdoors.
Reapply: do this 15 minutes after the first application to ensure complete coverage,
and also after physical activity, swimming or towel drying.

Sunscreen should not be used as a means of staying out of the sun longer, but as a
way to reduce the risk of sun damage to the skin when exposure to the summer sun
is unavoidable. Slap on a hat with a brim or a cap with flaps. More people get burned on the face and neck than any other part of the body, so a good hat is important. Wrap on a pair of sunglasses. Choose close fitting, wrap-around glasses that meet the Australian Standard AS1067

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