Monday, April 20, 2009

#685 ... Mondrian!?

The apartment block, with a touch of the Mondrian, at the top of Molesworth Street on the apex between the Ministry of Health building to the right and the US Embassey to the left ... there is a friendly Mojo's Cafe on the ground floor .. sort of like a second office for me and many from the Ministry of Health and the NZ Police (building behind) who work in the vicinity.

I come past here most mornings ... to work a couple of blocks away and drop the girls off at Wellington Girls' College.


Mediterranean kiwi said...

is this the famous apartment block that has always been multi-coloured like a rainbow?
i remember seeing one like this from mt victoria where i lived. every now and then, it was given a paint job

TNI said...

I've never been a fan of Cramp looking housing blocks, but some do grow on you, and thankfully we have got away from the british looking state housing look.
Interesting blog.