Monday, June 1, 2009

#727 ... the shirt off my back

This fascinating piece of machinery lives at the Mall Drycleaners in Johnston St by Midland Park. Costa, Costa, Staphos and the amazing staff .. who always have a smile and a good word ... run a business that keeps us looking sharp ... I get my business shirts laundered here ... as with a household of six adults, my shirts are generally at the end of the job queue. What is interesting is the machine that is used to dry the shirts and the way that it does it ... a bit like humans really ... by blowing a lot of hot air !!!!

"Sankosha manufactures machines to be sophisticatedly simple for the garment care industry. Our goal is for our customers to be able to produce the finest quality pressed product while experiencing our unparalleled reliability.

Sankosha has built a reputation based on innovative breakthroughs coupled with user-friendly finishing equipment which has become our legacy. Providing the dry cleaning industry with leading warranties and customer service is a top priority at Sankosha. "

The LP-570U
Single Buck Shirt Press
Product Features
•Steam Injection - A new steam injection system covers the entire body width and with a new heated buck body, processing time is reduced.
•Tuck Press - A new lower tuck clamp has been installed along with a tensioning function improving the tuck finish quality.
•Side Expanders - Improved side expanders open early to eliminate wrinkles.


Steffe said...

Impressive technology it is!

toast said...

Now -that- is something I've never seen before! How did you get "backstage" to see this contraption?