Sunday, June 14, 2009

#741 ... Vision

Getting ready for a fund raising event at the Civic Square .. for World Vision. These Wellington Girls' College students are continuing an event started by my duaghter's good friend Isabella Gawith in 2005,in support of World Vision. The girls take part in a morning of netball with various Wellington personalities and students from other schools ... with sausage sizzles, food and goodies ... With quirky colouful team uniforms, maybe this is also the training ground for the city guardians who keep our roads repaired. In the background is the City Gallery ... and you can also see the barbecue being set up. The netball court was marked out with tape on the brick courtyard of the Civic Square ... well done girls.

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Steffe said...

I don't think we have girl colleges in Sweden. Looks like they had a photographer among them.