Sunday, July 26, 2009

#783 ... Arse Job

Well the little red beast ... the Honda Jazz got rear ended last week ... estimate of damage around NZD2000. Took the modified bumper panel off so that the panel beater could assess the internal structural damage. Weeks of hassle for seconds of dingle bingle ... and it was even one of the automotive family that did the damage .. a Honda CRV


Leif Hagen said...

Sorry about your Arse! That's a real pain in the Arse! I featured a small car on my blog today, too! "Dingle bingle" - new expression for me to use! Thanks! Dingle bingle regards from EAGAN daily photo

Jacob said...

Honda haunting Honda. Wow. It doesn't look all that bad, though. That's the nice thing about Hondas; if they hit you, they try to leave as little damage as possible.

Well, that's what I've heard, anyway!