Friday, November 12, 2010

#1262 ... Three in a Row

The giraffes at the Wellington Zoo .. heading the other way. Graceful, gentle, delightful animals. Photo courtesy of Josh Blandford... THX

So what is interesting about these animals ...
  • Each giraffe has a unique spot pattern. 
  • Giraffes can spend up to 20 hours a day feeding and can eat up to 66kg of food daily.
  • Giraffes drink water if it is available but can go weeks without it; they rely on the morning dew and the water content of their food.
  • Giraffe can run at speeds up to 50kph but only for short bursts at a time.
  • Females give birth to a single baby after a 15 month pregnancy.  The baby is 1.8m tall when it is born, and is born feet first.  Calves can stand within an hour of birth.
  • Although generally quiet giraffes have been heard to grunt, snort and bleat.
  • Giraffes sleep the least of any mammal – they only sleep for between 10 minutes and two hours a day. 
  • They have only seven vertebrae in their neck, the same number as humans.
  • They have special two way valves in their veins so they can bend over without getting a head rush. A giraffe’s heart is as big as a basketball and weighs around 12kg.
  • A giraffe’s horns are not really horns at all – they are bony masses covered with skin and tufts of hair called ossicones.
  • Giraffes have lived at Wellington Zoo since 1988.


Leif Hagen said...

A wonderful photo of those beautiful TALL creatures! Very interesting factoids about giraffes!

Seamonkey Madness said...

Another interesting factoid. Giraffes have the highest blood pressure of any known living animal.

Why? Because it has to be pumped all the way up their neck to their brain. =)