Saturday, November 20, 2010

#1270 ... Urban Nature

Designer's Notes: In Urban nature the idea of graffiti and its permanent character is explored through the combination of knitted textiles and grass. More recent forms of graffiti, such as stickers, knit and moss graffiti are affected by the environment into which they are placed. Glimpses of nature and graffiti are frequently seen in urban structures, unexpected and often unwanted. Scaffolding that temporary construction in the urban environment has been used here to explore the ideas of transience and impermanence.

This was one of the many awesome exhibits at the Massey University "BLOW 2010" exhibition which highlights all the amazing work done by the various design students. I highly recommend that you put this into your calendar for a must see each November.

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Gunn said...

Colorful, unique and FUN!:)