Thursday, March 5, 2009

#641 ... Night Moves

Last night at Queens Wharf ... entertaining real live theatre & circus ... warm calm evening with a good crowd ... amazing colours and imagery against the night sky ... if you are in Wellington get along to something that can make you smile ... and laugh.

Magic, danger and death-defying stunts are all part of this spectacular outdoor circus adventure. Inspired by ocean voyaging, these intrepid explorers whirl you along on their expedition searching for lost worlds. Journey through storms as acrobats soar above you at dizzying heights, fall in love with the oddball performers as they dangle nonchalantly from ropes, and laugh at their antics as they try to reach their collective destinations. Presented by Fuse Circus, creators of the acclaimed Gravity and Other Myths and Heavenly Burlesque.

1 comment:

Jacob said...

I'll bet that was great fun! Haven't been to a circus of any kind in years. Amazing what these people dare to do!