Wednesday, March 11, 2009

#647 ... Sport Injury

Wellington Hospital, Accident & Emergency ... Josh was tackled heavily during his football game last night ... so we had a trip to the After Hours Medical Centre .. waited for an hour to see the doctor ... suspected dislocated shoulder ... but could not do an xray as the technicians had already gone home .. so another kilometre down the road to A&E for an xray etc. ... 2 hours later they took the pictures ... after another hour we saw another doctor ... badly wrenched muscles and ligaments on the shoulder ... pain killers ... immobilisation for 24-48 hours and then physio-therapy to gradually increase movement over the next week ... beats sitting on the couch watching reality TV ... why not experience it for yourself!!


Jacob said...

Almost anything beats sitting on the couch watching "reality" TV, but I'm not sure about this. Hope all works out well!

Mediterranean kiwi said...

hope to hear good news about him in another post