Tuesday, March 17, 2009

#653 ... A stunning evening

Perfect evening looking across Evans Bay ... with the NIWA vessel "Tangaroa" " at the Miramar wharf and a slight ripple in the bay from the back draft of plane landing at Wellington airport.
PHOTO courtesy of Noel Turchie .. thanks mate

NIWA is the National Institute of Water & Atmospheric Research and its research vessel the Tangaroa is capable of working throughout New Zealand's Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) in conditions ranging from subtropical to subantarctic, Research Vessel Tangaroa is well equipped for a wide range of stock assessment work. Because some of New Zealand’s most important commercial fish species (such as orange roughy) are found at great depths, Tangaroa can trawl down to 2000 m. It can also accommodate a wide range of commercial and research midwater and bottom trawl gear. Powerful, low pressure hydraulic winches feature up-to-date autotrawl technology. Electronic monitoring systems give full information on gear depth, doorspread and net opening. Tangaroa is also fully equipped for fisheries acoustic work. Recent modifications for marine geological research include a deepwater coring system (to 5000 m) and air compressors for seismic surveys.


Jacob said...

Wonderful photo - love the muted lights on the boat and the touch of color in the sky background. Is it possible to go aboard this ship and see all of its wonders?

m_m said...

Beautiful! Very calm evening:)