Saturday, May 16, 2009

#711 ... Country comes to town

So that's where milk comes from!!. Two Friesian cows in the Civic Square next to the City Library ... all to the delight of these school pupils.
The 36 regional winners (representing 12 regions covering the country)converged on Wellington on Wednesday May 13 and spent a few days participating in activities and meeting with sponsors.

“We’ve created what we think is a fantastic few days of activities enabling the winners to meet politicians and see the city in a unique ‘Race to Base’ competition similar to the ‘Great Race’ TV programme.

“Some prize Holstein Friesian cows are also being brought into the city to be the live props in an event we’ve created to help people gain a better understanding about the process of milking cows.”

Ms Keeping says the ‘Great Meridian Milk Off’ involves a team of celebrities competing against some of the awards’ winners to hand milk a cow and then turn that milk into butter.

“It should be a lot of fun and create a real spectacle for people passing through Wellington’s Civic Square at lunchtime (on Friday May 15).”

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