Wednesday, May 20, 2009

#715 ... Whanau Celebrations

The first of the university graduation parades through the city started today ... there were lots of flowing gowns walking around the streets at mid-day. However this young lady who is obviously taking the event with an appropriate level of seriousness .. had a story to tell. Her gown with a maori pattern edging and delightful yellow feathers in the fur was made by her Aunty (middle) ... a pakeha! as she said. Her mother is Maori and her father Scandinavian .. I think that's right. The family name is Eggo which demonstrates this delightful mix .. and despite the serious face in the photo .. this was a delightful, chatty family out to have a great day of celebration.


Mediterranean kiwi said...

i thought it was supposed to be freezing in wellington these days - the guy in the shorts obviously doesnt feel it

i didnt realise graduates paraded these days - that's a new one for me. i feel i missed out on a great opportunity by graduating at three ceremonies over 20 years ago!

Jeremy said...

Well the temperature has been down to 7 degrees C with some cold wind and rain .. but us real men can still wear shorts !!! look at the scarves and coats in the picture though