Sunday, May 24, 2009

#719 ... Money on the street

The battle between a city for pedestrians and a network of roads for cars continues ... this time these guys on the street promoting cheap weekend parking in the city ... for when you drive in to shop and spend money. At least this venture probably provides part time work for students ... well there customer seems happy with the deal. Outside Kirbies Kandies, Lambton Square looking north up Lambton Quay. Midland Park is behind me over my right shoulder and Woodward St is behind and over my left shoulder.

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Amy said...

On Thursday, as I was walking down the street dressed like a gold coin for a parking promotion, my co-worker told me that someone had taken his photo the previous Saturday, and it was going to be displayed on a website. Even though, sadly, I'm not the girl in the picture, I had to check it out all the same. Ironically, it turns out that I recently added a link to your blog to my own website!

I have a blog which features personal essays about being an expat ( I'm originally from the States, but lived in Argentina for 3.5 years before moving to New Zealand in March. As I'm now located in Wellington, I added you to my blogroll so that my readers can have pictures to go with my thousand words (I'm rather slack on the photography). I guess it's a small blogging world (or Wellington is just a small city).

Thanks for the great pictures!