Sunday, November 4, 2007

"Lagoon"a Beach ! ... #164

The Lagoon ... with the Michael Fowler Centre in the left background .. the City to Sea bridge to the right with white top of the Town Hall showing and the cream City Council building in the centre of the picture.

This part of Wellington is a focal point for much of the city’s recreational activities and waterfront sports. Close to the central business district, it is a small lagoon filled with sea water and connected to Lambton Harbour through a narrow channel. The Boat Shed, Wellington Rowing and Star Boating Club buildings, the old Wellington Free Ambulance building and surrounding board walks create a picturesque setting and easy launching place for club boats.

Whilst it’s hard to imagine it now, this special section of Wellington’s waterfront bears no testament at all to the city’s planners and developers, nor is the Lagoon an act of nature – it is in fact a planning accident. This area of the city saw major reclamations in the 1970s and 80s to make way for things such as a waterfront highway. However, when the highway plan was shelved, the Lagoon was left as a spot with no need for further reclamation.

The area was developed into its current form as the whole Frank Kitts Park precinct took shape to create a more recreation friendly zone. Along with adjacent Taranaki Street Wharf and the entire waterfront area, plans are now in train to develop the area further to give people even more places to stroll, play and enjoy the water’s edge.

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