Wednesday, August 27, 2008

#453 .. Colourful

On the corner of Marion and Vivian Streets the Beveridge Locksmith's shop becoming dwarfed by yet another inner city apartment building. The eclectic primary paint scheme adds further colour to the somewhat original faded red light area of the city. Vivian Street is a jumble of icons that describe a unique part of our city.

Across the road from the locksmiths is the School of Architecture for Victoria University ... Josh, my son studies here. Next door to that and to the locksmith are some strip clubs and moving west along Vivian St .. an adult store and in the old bank building you will find Logan Brown ... another of Wellington's class restaurants ... very very highly recommended.

Walking back along the street you have the Blue Note Bar, an art gallery and yet another strip club. Heading east there is the Trades Hall whereone of the staff was killed by a suitcase bomb many years ago ... next door to that is the Wellington Stamp Co ... where you can get all sorts of printing stamps crafted.

... so somehow the locksmiths is a metaphor for the street in which it lives.


Kris McCracken said...

That is indeed bright...

MBP said...

Hey I used to live kittycorner from there! Ahhh memories :)