Friday, November 14, 2008

#532 ... Goodbye school - hello sunshine.

NOTE: This is not my photo ... this great shot was taken by KENT BLECHYNDEN of The Dominion Post ... thanks Kent for being there to capture what is becoming an iconic interlude in college life.

Wellington Girls' College pupils could not have picked a better day for their uniformed plunge into Frank Kitts Park lagoon, with yesterday's temperature reaching a balmy 21 degrees.
The big jump has become an annual tradition for the school's year 12 pupils, who do not have to wear uniform in their final year.
Yesterday was their last day of school before they go on exam study leave.
Kate Brookie, 17, said the weather played a role in the biggest turnout yet, with more than 200 year 12 pupils taking part.
"The gods must want us to do it," she said.
The gods may have approved, but those set to inherit the uniforms were more sceptical.
"I'm giving my uniform away and I know the people," Emily Rowe, 16, said. "They're not too happy about it."
Neither was her mother, she said. "My mum wants me to go home immediately and have a shower, because she's worried about waterborne diseases."
Most parents seemed content for their daughters to take part, however, joining curious office workers and passers-by on the waterfront to watch.
Many pupils went back for second or third jumps. "It was so exhilarating," Emily said. "I want to do it again."
The event had been weeks in the planning, but excitement got the better of some pupils who forgot to bring dry clothes or towels. Kate and her friends were not fazed.
"Everyone will just walk home wet."
Wellington has enjoyed 74.1 sunshine hours so far this month, following a drier than average October. Tomorrow's temperature is forecast to reach 21 degrees, with only light winds and morning cloud.
The good weather is set to continue over the next few months, with Niwa predicting a dry, settled summer for the Wellington region

3 comments: said...

fabulous shot. well caught.

Irina said...

I love that tradition :) It must be nice to go crazy all together for a little while :)

Maria Verivaki said...

it was never a tradition when i was at WGC - and the uniform was a very different colour - teal, if anyone knows what that is!