Thursday, January 15, 2009

#593 ... Tracking on Up.

The steep access road to the work site on the hillside above Ngaio Gorge. The Johnsonville line is getting extensive work done to lower and realign the train track in readiness for the new trains. Much of the track is laid in the traditional manner but the tunnels require a pre-fabricated approach. The sections of track are made up in the workshop and delivered to the site on long truck and trailer units.

Cranes then transfer the track sections to these two excavators which then carry the track up the hillside to the train track above (where the workman in orange overalls are standing). the track sections are placed on low rolling stock and pushed into the tunnel where they are manouvered into their final place. The track floor has been lowered about 800mm, new drains and cable ducting installed, and the new track sections layed. About 4km of rail has been lifted and 6300 cubic metres of earth shifted in and around the tunnels so far.


Stefan Jansson said...

Thanks for the info. You seem to know everything about this.

jbworks said...

Maybe I just read alot !! and thanks for the Menton link I picked up off your profile... remeber visiting there about 30 years ago !!! rgds jeremy

Anonymous said...

I remember years ago NZR bought new carriages for the Jville line but they were too wide for the tunnels. Hope this works out better.