Monday, April 13, 2009

#678 ... A lot of Hot Air

The Wellington wind paused just long enough for these hot-air balloons to inflate and light up last night. Local sculptor and balloon owner Denis Hall said it was "a bit of a fluke" that the weather came through for last night's nightglow during the Balloons at the Basin fiesta. "It's just something you deal with on the night we were more nervous during the week, watching the weather forecasts."

The 20 balloons lit up the sky for about half an hour about six o'clock before rising winds raised safety concerns. Balloonists from Whangaparaoa to Christchurch came to Wellington for the event, which has not been staged at the Basin Reserve before. Balloons gathered at Oriental Bay last year.
Ballooning was a hobby like any other, and attracted people from all walks of life, he said. "Some people have boats, some have sports cars, some have model airplanes we have balloons."

For a great photo by DomPost photographer Robert Kitchin go to balloons


Hilda said...

I like this picture very much! So much more romantic at night.

I hope the weather cooperated finally.

David said...

I must have missed you... Which is odd, since we have a knack of running in to each other at these sorts of events.

jbworks said...

Well David ... glad you got your photo mojo back ... ciao JB