Friday, January 8, 2010

#950 ... Suspended animation

A great moment in time ... that unfortunately didn't end so well ... but no bones were broken.

The world unicycle craze has hit Wellington over the past 10 days, and thousands have turned out to watch the world championships. Event organiser Lynne Klap said unicycling was so popular overseas it was part of the physical education programme in some schools.

"Unicycling is massive in Europe and Japan. A lot of schools there have class sets of unicycles and take part in national competitions. There are people in Denmark who use unicycles to commute to work."

While unicycling is big overseas, Klap said the sport's fringe reputation in New Zealand made organising the event – which ran from December 27 till January 7 – a challenge.

Bringing unicycling to Wellington paid off, with the largest-ever contingent of Australian and New Zealand riders attending the event. New Zealand even had a taste of success – Christian Huriwai took out gold in the street competition, New Zealand's second gold medal at a unicycling world championship. Lynne Klap was pleased but not surprised by the thousands of people who turned up to watch the many free events.

"We always knew once people saw the unicyclists around town everyone would want to have a look," she said. "We wanted the people of Wellington to have some fun."

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Stefan Jansson said...

May be massive in Europe, but I haven't noticed any of that!

I'm glad the guy didn't hurt himself!