Friday, June 4, 2010

#1098 ... A Blind Perspective

This is George Taggart and his standard bred poodle, guide dog Yalena or "lena" for short as he calls her. Now George has only very minimal sight left in his left eye and that is fading fast ... but a more delightful positive gentleman ... would be hard to locate. George came out to New Zealand from Scotland in the early '50s ... he was not a ten pound POM ... he had to front up with twenty five pound being a Scot.

George used to get around with a white cane but found this increasingly frustrating ... Yalena has given him back his favourite city ... they get around all over Wellington.

Meeting George was a highlight of my day ... so if you happen to come across George and Yalena ... say hello ... but please ignore Yalena.

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Caroline said...

Its unusual to see a poodle as a guide dog. They really do give one a lump in the throat! Thanks for the blog.