Saturday, August 21, 2010

#1178 ... The Sachs MadAss

The Sachs MadAss parked in Brandon Street ... there are are few of these trendy bare essential bikes around Wellington.

HISTORY: SACHS Fahrzeug - und Motorentechnik GmbH (Sachs) was founded by Carl Marsch├╝tz on April 5th, 1886 in Neumarkt Germany. From their humble beginnings with only 8 employees, Sachs quickly grew to become the world's largest manufacturer of motorized bicycles. Throughout the history of the company, the Sachs Bikes portfolio has included motorcycles, scooters, mopeds, motor assisted bicycles, electric bicycles, ELO-Mini-Scooter, four-wheeled All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) and Mini-cars.
As the oldest still producing two-wheel manufacturer worldwide, Sachs Bikes have built a unique tradition. As the years have passed by, technical competence and trend-setting mobility solutions have remained the key focus for the brand. Today Sachs Bikes is an internationally operating corporation with an annual turn-over of 40 millon Euro selling in excess of 30,000 units. With manufacturing plants in Europe and also Asia, the Sachs brand is now distributed worldwide and proudly distributed here in Australia by Mojo Motorcycles Pty Ltd.

From the modern free thinking Madass through to the stylish Amici, the Sachs range has always been cutting edge and guaranteed to turn heads. Built to the highest of quality standards, all Sachs Bikes represent amazing bang for buck making cruising in style affordable to not only the rich and famous!

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