Thursday, November 25, 2010

#1275 ... C view

C view on a number of levels ... this building is across the road from the wharf ... from where I took the photo. So you can choose ... see view or sea view and these two guys are making sure you can do both !!!


Sujal Shah said...


I have been visiting your blog since long and finally I have decided to start own photo blog for my own city called Ahmedabad, India.

I would request if you can add my blog to your list called - Daily Photo Family with Name - Ahmedabad(India) and Url :

Many thanks,
Sujal Shah

PS. Don't miss to ready description of first post on my blog.

jbworks said...

Sujal,Enjoy your blogging adventure ... for me it is the many interesting people, that I meet and chat to every day ... as I capture the images of city. My sister-in-law, Shalini comes from Hyderabad ... so I have a little connection with your very very big country.
ciao Jeremy

Sujal Shah said...

Hi Jeremy,

Well I have connection with Wellington too. My wife's from there. I found your blog few years back when I was looking for wellington city information and pictures. I really enjoy your blog.

Btw, Which camera do you use?

I had few technology blogs before..but photography blog is more fun, I guess.

Sujal Shah

PS. I noticed that you added my url in your Daily Photo Family list. Thanks.

jbworks said...

Sujal ... I use, iPhone, Casio Exilm, and Nikon D90 ... look forward to your new images. ciao JB