Wednesday, December 15, 2010

#1295 ... Arrival & Departure

I spent the day in Hamilton ... so really not in Wellington to take photos ... however on the way to the Airport in the morning I snapped this cruise ship entering the Harbour in the mist ... and just by chance managed to capture it again as it was leaving port when I flew in at 6:30pm. Not great images but quirky in terms of timing. SMILE


Jesse Phillips said...

Hi there

Just a quikc note to say I regularly log on to your blog. As an expat currently working in NEw York but originally from wellington you give me a daily dose of good old wellers. Miss it!

Thanks and keep it up!

jbworks said...

Delighted it hits a nostalgic spot!!
As you see from the right hand side of the WDP blog I regularly read the NYDP for similar nostalgic reasons. Enjoy yr winter christmas. ciao Jeremy