Friday, April 8, 2011

#1415 ... Secret Seats

The new seating outside the Government Security Bureau in Pipitea Street. Very interesting hard edge design. However I don't know many people who would wish to sit around this place!!


Anonymous said...

Cool effect. How did you create the grain?

I took a couple of pictures of the building when I passed by a few months ago. A guy in a portacabin rushed out and claimed that I wasn't allowed to photograph the building. I told him I was standing on a public road and exercising my rights. He changed his story to say the occupants would PREFER that people didn't photograph the building. I said that if that was the case they shouldn't have had an architect make some funky design choices and locate it in plain view on a Wellington street.

If they wanted to keep the building away from the public eye then they should have built it inside the perimeter at Trentham or somewhere.

jbworks said...

a bit of gausian blur in PS. I had a similar no photo experience at the British Embassey ... and I was also in the middle of a public road ... the security guard came across the street and was quite aggressive !! still took the photo though

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised anyone would want to sit there just by virtue of its being one of the windiest, bleakest spots in town!


jbworks said...

Mike ... I am inclined to agree. Why do we put seats in places that no one wished to sit? Town planning vanity!!