Sunday, June 5, 2011

#1473 ... Acknowledging the Weight

This is the second year of the charity event which contributes to the Melanoma Foundation in memory of a colleague. Bad-As 2011: The name says it all really, how exciting is this as a concept – women lifting heavy as $#!t.. (yeah, a little low-key cursing definitely fits this event) and no doubt you can understand why!

Tons (yep, it will easily be in the tons) of weight shifted over the day will be supplied by One Rep Max NZ, and lifted on their bars. They have also committed gear for prizes, and the best part is, people are already entering for the sake of personal best’s, testing, competition, growth, and community. The prizes are just a sweetener. This all about contribution and ‘all about community’.
THANKS to RUMI for another great image


Donna-MaD Crossfit said...

Awesome photo, we all had a great time. We were happy to host this annual event. Can't wait til next year.

-Donna Dyson, MaD Crossfit Strength and Conditioning Gym

Anonymous said...

Awesome photo! Epitome of determination! Go sis!
Donna ;o)

Anonymous said...

Deb you rock! Love the photo