Thursday, August 11, 2011

#1541 ... Frozen in Time

Fish, vegetables, flowers frozen in an ever changing artwork the forecourt of Moore Wilson's Fresh, College St.
Ian Hornblow, front-of-house manager and business partner at the White House restaurant, and owner and chef Paul Hoather, are creating a temporary ice sculpture as part of the Visa Wellington on a Plate festival.
12 blocks of ice, each weighing 150 kilograms and containing fresh fish, flowers, and vegetables, were installed against a wall in the store's atrium.

Several more blocks were later unveiled, which will be carved into some kind of sculpture in the next couple of days. Hornblow, an experienced carver, said he did not have a firm idea of what form the ice would take. "Whatever comes into my head, pretty much." Once finished, the sculpture should last two or three more days, but it was impossible to pinpoint how long it would take before the elements melted it down. Moore Wilson has paid the costs of creating the sculpture, supplying the fresh produce now encased in ice, and the blocks themselves, which were created by local ice suppliers Ice Point in a purpose-built freezer.

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