Friday, October 25, 2013

#2173 ... A Very Courageous Story

We bumped into this amazing family while we were searching An amazing family ... Wajohat Ali smuggled his family out of Pakistan 2 months ago following death threats on himself and his family, due to their religious beliefs; faced with a USD5M ransom if family members were kidnapped ... he sent his wife to live with his brother, took his 15 year old son out of school ... and finally got to Christmas Island, with his family and they were accepted as refugees into Australia. Been in Adelaide for only 5 weeks. Their losses, courage and smiles, about all being safe in Australia brought tears to my eyes. Wajohat has transitioned from being a very successful business man in his home country to a refugee with what he stands up in ... but very very thankful that he is together with his family ... and alive. An amazing personal story. Thank you Wajohat. ... Look anew at the people you pass in the street ... you never know the story behind the faces. [Target, Rundle Mall, Adelaide.]

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