Thursday, August 6, 2015

#3037 ... White Wash

Thanks to Stuff for this post. It demonstrates the convoluted processes that council authorities go through when managing our city. 

"Someone at Wellington City Council must be suffering from white line fever.

The council has proposed changing its bylaws to make parking spaces marked with paved stones legal, just a couple of months after it painted white lines over all of its paved car parks.

The rush to whitewash the city's parking was sparked after a judge was given a parking ticket in Blair St, off Courtenay Pl, but successfully overturned it on the grounds that the parking spaces were not properly marked.

The council discovered six other streets had similar problems and jumped to correct the situation. It moved with such haste that contractors did not get the white lines straight enough on Allen St, and had to repaint them a week later.

Changing the bylaw would allow the council to use brick or "other ways" to mark out parking spaces, while still being able to issue parking tickets."

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