Wednesday, September 10, 2008

#467 ... Pigeon Park

The toilets on Pigeon Park ... have been the canvas for a number of murals over the years. This is the latest iteration. The park has a long history and not without controversy.

Between 1800-1890 this was the location of Te Aro Pa which was settled originally, by the Ngati Mutunga tribe from Taranaki and, after their departure by Ngati Ruanui, Ngati Haumia and Ngati Tupaia also from Taranaki. Later it was settled by the Te Ati Awa people. In 1839 Wesleyan missionaries Bumby, Hobbs and Minarapa Rangihatuaka were welcomed by the Maori people and they held the first religious service in Wellington on this site. Formerly Pigeon Park, in 1988 Maori artist Shona Rapira Davies was commissioned by Wellington City Council to redesign the park. She handmade 30,000 tiles for the project. Kura Te Waru-Rewiri carried out the artwork on the prow. The park was complete in 1992. This refurbishment sparked the usual public debate about costs, budget over-runs, time delays ... however it now sits as a legitimate part of the Wellington cityscape.l


Maria Verivaki said...

i remember how often we used to use the facilities at pigeon park when i was young, and i was lucky to see the refurbishment when i visited a few years ago - wellington wouldnt be the city it is without pigeon park

Unknown said...

o yes memories