Monday, September 22, 2008

# 480 ... Draw Wellington

Coated in chalk, these Victoria University first year architecture students have no option but to "get dirty" while lying on the streets of Wellington to capture the city's buildings on paper.
The fourth annual Draw Wellington event, held at Cuba Mall, Allen and Blair streets, Courtenay Place and Woodward St on Saturday, had people turning out "just to watch" the students work on their designs.
About 180 architecture students prepared black building paper surfaces and sketched frameworks of the buildings and surroundings. The public then took over, adding "cars and flowers" and sketching their favourite elements of the capital.
Local architects Fiona Christeller and Judi Keith-Brown organised the event, along with Victoria University school of architecture and Wellington City Council.
The event was designed to encourage people to take an interest in the city's built-environment and to draw attention to how the buildings interact with their surroundings.
The students will be judged on their finished products, which will be exhibited at Victoria University.