Tuesday, December 9, 2008

#557 ... Sunshine & Space

Looking north from in front of Circa Theatre beside Te Papa. The floating crane Hikitia ... with the city behind. To the left of the crane is the cream Boat Shed with the red roof. The tall black building on the left hand edge is the State Insurance building on the corner of Willis Street & Lambton Quay


Maria Verivaki said...

is the colourful 'house' circa theatre?

David said...

>is the colourful 'house' circa theatre?

No. It's an old wharf building that is currently occupied by the Free Ambulance. Altho it isn't anywhere big enough to park an ambulance in.

The photo almost certainly wasn't taken today, which was wet and miserable through to lunch time.

jbworks said...

Hi MK ... the photo was taken on the weekend .. and there were lots of people walking along the wharf .. this just happened to be on of those quiet moments

Evelyn/Ev/Evee said...

Hi from Scotland! We have a link with that crane! It was designed by the same guy as designed the Forth Bridge just north of Edinburgh! Bet you always wanted to know that!!!!
It's lovely to see your photos of Welly. I loved it there!