Saturday, December 13, 2008

#561 ... Thorndon Fair

Photo not by me but taken by PHIL REID/The Dominion Post

The Thorndon Fair in Tinakori Road is another of those community annual events .. .and this time the weather was superb. They came from all over Wellington and out of town, babies and dogs in tow, eyes glinting at the thought of a bargain. An estimated 25,000 people ventured out to peruse the 350 stalls at this year's Thorndon Fair, the major fundraiser for Thorndon School.

School parent and fair organiser Carleen Needham said the crowd was swelled by large numbers of out-of-towners, who had heard about the annual fair over the years from friends and relatives. Antiques, plants, second-hand clothing, jams and books were all big sellers, while the school's senior pupils sold out of strawberries and cream on a windless Wellington day. Beancounters had not reached a final tally, but the fair was likely to have raised more than $50,000, Mrs Needham said. The money would be used to pay an extra teacher's salary.

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Maria Verivaki said...

The money would be used to pay an extra teacher's salary.

wow, i thought teachers were paid by the state in nz... sounds like things have changed bug time in my old hometown