Sunday, July 11, 2010

#1135 ... Rubik Cubed

Looking down from Level 3, Te Papa onto the
See some of the world’s fastest fingers in hot competition, as they race to solve the famous Rubik’s cube puzzle! Rubik’s New Zealand Speedcubing Championship 2009 is the very first championship of its kind to be held Australasia. It is officially recognised by the World Cube Association.

Speedcubing is a colourful and exciting spectator sport based around solving the famous Rubik’s cube against the clock. In addition to the straight solve, there were fun speciality heats, such as solving the cube blindfolded. There is a fresh wave of interest in Rubik’s cube competitions sweeping through North America, Europe, and Asia, where high-profile, speedcubing championships produce superstars.


David said...

Seriously good photo today J!

Rumi said...

Awesome viewpoint ... great shot.