Wednesday, July 28, 2010

#1153 ... Illuminated Protoplasm

At night ... the Protoplasm sculpture is a plastic and steel sculpture by Phil Price located at the corner of Corner Hunter Street and Lambton Quay in Wellington's CBD.

"I am looking at the study of matter, Protoplasm is the name given to the inside active part of any living cell. The pebbles and movement simulate the random active cells. In this final Protoplasm, every structural member, being shafts and beams, is calculated to withstand the force that can be applied to the entire surface area. The bearings are over-engineered to a huge degree, to probably about ten times what is needed." - Phil Price

1 comment:

Lisergic Synaesthesiae said...

From this perspective appears as a sort of abstraction.
weird and intriguing!