Wednesday, February 2, 2011

#1343 ... Kaka in the back garden

Now this is another of those "not my photo" however Ian (on the right) is also the "cheese man" at Moore Wilsons Fresh. We chatted on Saturday and he told me about L/Y - R/L-B #43573 (see Zealandia web site hit "report a bird" this explains the letters and numbers) This particular bird is very friendly as you can see from the pics but is just one of many kaka's that visits Ian's place on a regular basis. Ian lives 1 km as the kaka flys from the sauntuary in Karori on a property that was planted to attract birds, it is such a blast to have the kaka, tui and kereru in such numbers within 10 m of your living space. Ian is presently feeding the kaka hazel nuts from the Marlborough Sounds in the hope they may make the trip to discover the source!

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