Sunday, February 20, 2011

#1368 ... Fuse Campground Chaos

We're all going on a summer holiday, so pack your togs and jandals! Fuse Circus presents a new show for 2011 summer: a mix of kiwiana and crazy circus.

Inspired by the classic kiwi holiday, a tradition of sunburnt pleasure and carefree hijinks in campgrounds, holiday parks and beaches all over New Zealand. Campground Chaos and the lively cast of Fuse Circus will bring you a summer holiday experience you will never forget!

Campground Chaos is a fast, funny and irreverent look at our very own Kiwi culture, complete with tyre swings and flying picnic tables. Campgrounds are a colourful meeting place for people of diverse backgrounds. Tourists and locals, thrown together under the summer sun, amidst tents, caravans, and rambling through bush and the beach. Fuse Circus invites you into their imaginative world, where all things are possible.

Bring your sunscreen, your deck chairs and your mates to enjoy this special new show, full of circus performance, physical theatre and Kiwi music. Over the past five years Fuse Circus has built a wide public following, touring festivals and events nationwide and this show is sure to be a pearler!

“The overwhelming impression they leave is of a group cleverly lacing dazzling accomplishment in the air with something more akin to true theatre, for they claim more than our fascinated gaze. In playing so wholeheartedly from their imagination they invite a response in kind.”

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